Dogs staying our hotel get to play all day with our day camp dogs, and get an extra 30 minutes in the early morning and at night before bed. Guests sleep in their own private room with a bed and blanket. Rooms are 16 square feet and enclosed in glass for a more pleasurable sleep.  Make sure you check out our pet cams and watch your dog play during the day! We provide bowls, beds and blankets so all you really need to bring for their stay are food and treats. Add on pool access to their stay and give them the ultimate experience.  We also have extra large suite rooms available with couches and TV for $20 additional per night.  All dogs must be fully vaccinated for rabies, bordetella and DHLPP to stay at the hotel.

As we continue to set the leading standards in the pet care industry, we will be requiring the canine influenza vaccine for all dogs using day camp and hotel effective January 1st 2014.  The vaccine not only protects your dog while staying with us, but everywhere else they go in this densely dog populated area.  If you are a  new customer and cannot get the vaccine in time for your first visit, you have a 30 day grace period to get it.  As a courtesy we can also take your dog to a local veterinarian for the vaccine while they are staying with us.  If your dog is exempt from the vaccine, we just need your vet to write that on their shot certificate.  If you have any questions regarding this please let us know!

We have an overnight attendant on premises. Please note the attendant is not permitted to check in or check out dogs during non-reception hours.

New customers please print and fill out our registration form. You can drop it off PRIOR to your first check in, fax it to us at 201-221-7872 or email to us at

All first time dogs must go through a temperament test/orientation day with us to participate in the general day camp play sessions. They must demonstrate submissiveness and calm, balanced energy.  Dogs who have already visited our Hoboken location do not have to take the temperament test.  The temperament test/orientation is included in a half price day of day camp.  The test is important to ensure your dog gets along with other campers and our staff.  We pride ourselves on making sure your dog’s stay is fun and stress free, so the orientation familiarizes them with the camp before they are dropped off for a longer overnight hotel stay.   If it’s determined your dog cannot go in the play groups, your dog will still have a blast with 1 on 1 playtime or swim session with a staff member! 
We have limited space available for dogs over 100 lbs.  Please call us to discuss availability dates!  For dog and staff safety, dogs over 100 lbs. cannot participate in the general day camp play sessions, but are more than welcome to 1 on 1 playtime and swim sessions.   
Dogs who are unneutered/unspayed over the age of 6 months cannot participate in the general day camp play sessions due to them approaching the age of reproduction.  This is a standard policy in the pet care industry and we apologize for any inconvenience.   They are more than welcome to come to the resort, but you must add on at least 1 private play or swim session if coming for day camp and at least 2 private sessions if staying overnight in the hotel.  Your dog will have private use of the indoor or outdoor play area during these private sessions and will ensure your dog gets the proper amount of fresh air and exercise to give them a comfortable, fun stay! 
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