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New customers wanting to use our day camp and hotel service must first come and go through a temperament test/orientation day with us. The temperament test is included in a half price day of day camp. The test is important to ensure your dog gets along with other campers and our staff. We pride ourselves on making sure your dog’s stay is fun and stress free, so the orientation familiarizes them with the camp before they are dropped off for a longer overnight hotel stay.

*Daycare package days cannot be applied towards boarding stays or any late check out fee that maybe incurred during a boarding stay.

  • First day of day camp for temperament test and orientation $30
  • Day of day camp $52
  • 10 pack of day camp $359
  • 20 pack of day camp $669
  • Weekday monthly day camp membership (Monday-Friday) $565
  • Unlimited monthly day camp membership $669

Weekday monthly members get 20% off hotel stays. Unlimited monthly members get 25% of hotel stays. Packages expire 60 days after first use*All day care packages are non-refundable
*There is an additional fee for unspayed/unneutered dogs or dogs that cannot participate in our playgroups in addition to the package price. Please call for additional details

Starting Mar 1st 2021
  • Day of day camp
$45 + tax
  • 10 pack of day camp
$379 + tax
  • Weekday monthly day camp membership (Monday-Friday)
$599 + tax
  • $74 per night (up to 24 hours from drop off to pick up)
  • $79 per night starting May 28th (up to 24 hours from drop off to pick up)
  • Late check out (after 24 hour hotel limit) $4 per hour
  • Medication $3 per times given
  • Suite upgrade $20 per night

20% discount given on sibling dogs who share the same room. 15% discount given on hotel stays of 7 consecutive nights or more.

We are not opening the big pool for the 2021 summer. We will be adding small splash pools to the outdoor play areas for all the dogs to play and cool off with their friends!

  • Swim with your dog 1 hour pool rental $75 for one dog and up to 2 parents.  Additional dogs 50% off.

A swim session added on to day camp or hotel is only $15.  All sessions are 30 minutes.  If your dog is inexperienced at swimming they must have a private instructor for their sessions until they are comfortable swimming on their own. Private instruction is an additional $10.  This charge also applies if your dog does not get along with other dogs and must use the pool privately.

*All 30 minute swim sessions must be scheduled with either daycare or boarding service.

  • $45 per night (24 hour period). Includes litter and feeding of owner provided food
  • Late check out (after 24 hour hotel limit) $2 per hour
  • 1 on 1 play time (15 minutes) $9
  • Day Lounging (Check in and out the same day) $19

Save big and get a 10 pack of cat hotel nights for only $340! Nights do not have to be used consecutively. Expires 6 months after purchase. Late checkout still applies if applicable to that stay.

  • Bath – $25 and up, depending on size, breed of dog and condition of coat
  • Haircut (includes bath, massage, shampoo, blow dry, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning) – $65 and up, depending on size, breed of dog and condition of coat
  • Cat Baths $65+
  • Cat Shave Down $90+
  • Cat Lion Cut $90+

*We do not offer any other haircuts besides the 2 listed for cats. Price depends on cats temperament and coat condition.

Other Spa Services

  • Nail Clipping : $5 add on to bath or $15 a la carte
  • Ear Cleaning : $5 add on to bath or $10 a la carte
  • Teeth Brushing : $10 add on or $15 a la carte
  • Anal Gland Expression : $15 add on or $30 a la carte
  • Flea Shampoo : $10 add on
  • Deshedding : $15 and up add on

If you come in for a grooming appointment only and need to drop your pet off before 9 am and/or pickup after 5 pm, there is a $17 walking service added to your groom.

Please call us if you need a better estimate on bath, haircut and/or deshedding. Thank you!

Pet Taxi is currently unavailable

One-way $14
10 Pack $130
20 Pack $240

Special pick up and drop off rates available for monthly members in our taxi zones.  Please call us for a quote.  Taxi packs expire 90 days from first use.

If for any reason we cannot accommodate you on our pet taxi and you do not have a car, most Uber drivers in the area are pet friendly.

  • All services are subject to 7% NJ sales tax
  • Pet Cam Access is free to all customers.

619 Marin Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310
Phone: 201-786-7900

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