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Day Camp

Dogs attending our day camp get a total of 5 hours of play and relaxation in the sun each day. This is the optimal amount of play and exercise for dogs on a daily basis. Our large property, spanning over 3/4 of an acre, gives them the ability to run at a full pace while playing – great for developing muscle and maintaining healthy weight. If your dog is older or is not a player, he will have a great time relaxing on the pool deck or in the shade with our staff. We separate the day camp play groups by size and temperament. Add a swim session and give them an ultimate day of play. Be sure to tune in to all the fun by watching them play on our pet cams!

New customers please follow these simple steps to get your dog enrolled in our day camp:

  1. Register your dog from the link on our homepage.
  2. Submit a day camp reservation from the Reservations tab at the top or button below. You will receive an email confirmation from us.
  3. Bring in your dog and enjoy!
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Dogs staying at our hotel get to play all day with our day camp dogs, and get an extra 30 minutes in the early morning and at night before bed. Guests sleep in their own private room with a bed and blanket. Rooms are 16 square feet and enclosed in glass for a more pleasurable sleep. Make sure you check out our pet cams and watch your dog play during the day! We provide bowls, beds and blankets so all you really need to bring for their stay are food and treats. Add on pool access to their stay and give them the ultimate experience.

We have an overnight attendant on premises during the summer months and holidays. Please note the attendant is not permitted to unlock the reception and check in or check out dogs during non-reception hours.

New customers please follow these simple steps to get your dog enrolled in our hotel:

1. Register your dog from the link on our homepage.

2. Submit a day camp reservation from the Reservations tab at the top for their orientation day.  We recommend you leave your dog here for at least a full AM or PM  play session.  You will receive an email confirmation for the day.

3. Submit your hotel reservation from the Reservations tab or button below for their hotel stay.  You will receive an email confirmation for the stay.

4. Bring in your dog and enjoy!

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Spa & Grooming

If your dog or cat  is in need of a bath or haircut, give them a day at the Resort Spa! You can add on a swim and a nap by the pool, before their groom for the ultimate day. Our grooming spa currently offers hair cutting and styling, dematting and deshedding, bathing and massaging, hair conditioning, anal expression, nail clipping and ear cleaning, as well as other services. Spa services are available by appointment. Spa customers can also sign up for a half-day of day camp ($29) so that they can play with the other dogs before their groom.  If you come in for grooming only, and you need to drop your pet off before 9 am and/or pickup after 5 pm while you are at work, and do not want a half-day of day camp, a $17 walking service will be added to your groom.  All spa customers must fill out a registration form and provide proof of vaccinations. If your dog or cat is only here for grooming, proof of rabies vaccine is all that applies, as they will not be in direct contact with other animals. We do highly recommend that all dogs here for grooming have distemper, bordetella and canine influenza vaccines as well.

New customers who want to use the spa, please follow these simple steps to get your first appointment:

1.  Register your dog or cat from the link on our homepage.

2.  Submit a spa reservation from the reservations tab or button below.  You will receive a confirmation email if your time is available or other available times.

3.  Bring in your pet and enjoy!

Basic grooming prices

Hair Cuts (bath, massage, shampoo, blow dry, haircut, brushout, nail trim and ear cleaning) $65 and up*
A la carte:
Bath (massage, shampoo, blow dry, brushout) $25 and up
Nail clipping $15.00 ($5 with bath)
Ear cleaning $10.00 ($5 with bath)
Nails and ears package $20.00
Tooth brushing $15.00 ($10 with bath or hair cut)
Deshedding $15.00 and up
Dematting $15.00 and up
Cat Baths $65.00 and up
Cat Shave Down $90.00 and up
Cat Lion Cut $90.00 and up

*We do not offer any other haircuts besides the 2 listed for cats. Price depends on cats temperament and coat condition.

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Cat Hotel

Let’s not forget about our feline friends as well! Cats using our hotel will have a separate, quite area far away from the dogs with natural sunlight and a large playroom full of toys, shelves and posts. Each kitty condo has a separate litter, and sleep area and has glass fronts for added comfort. We provide the blankets, bowls and litter (standard clumping) so all you really need to bring are food, treats and their favorite toy. If there are cats from multiple households staying with us, we rotate them in the play area during the day and overnight. We do not let cats from different households in the play area at the same time. Each cat can get one on one playtime with one of our staff in the play area for an additional $9 per 15 minute session. Feel free to log into ourkitty cams and check up on your kitty during their stay. All cats must be spayed or neutered for the comfort of the other guests. Cats require proof of rabies and feline distemper.

We have an overnight attendant on premises during the summer months and holidays. Please note the attendant is not permitted to open the reception to check in or check out dogs or cats during non-reception hours.

For health reasons we do not accept cats that were adopted from shelters within the past 2 months. They also must have been seen by a regular veterinarian after you adopted them from the shelter before coming to the resort. Please note we do not accept cats that are aggressive towards people.

For new customers wanting to use our cat hotel, please follow these simple steps for your first stay:

1. Register your cat from the link on our homepage.

2.  Submit a hotel reservation from the reservations tab.

3.  Bring in your cat and enjoy!

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Swimming is a great exercise for humans as well as dogs, and that is why we built the only outdoor salt water dog pool in Hudson County for use in the summer months. It provides great cardiovascular and muscular training with no impact on the joints, which is especially great for older and overweight dogs. In addition, many dogs (including retrieving breeds) do not know how to swim or can only swim short distances before tiring. Our swim classes will teach your dog to swim and improve stamina while having a great time in the sun. Our large 1,100 square foot pool area will give them all the space they need to swim around under the supervision of our lifeguards. All dogs will receive a thorough towel dry upon leaving their pool session. All dogs must be fully vaccinated for rabies to swim in the pool in a Swim with Your Dog pool rental. Parents are only allowed in the pool area during Swim with your Dog sessions.

All 30 minute swim sessions must be scheduled with either daycare or boarding service.

Swim with your Dog

We now offer customers the opportunity to swim with their dog during the summer months of June – September! There are 1 hour time slots available 7 days a week. The cost is $95 for the hour for 1 dog and up to 2 parents. If you own more than 1 dog, there is a 50% discount for each additional dog. Please read the following rules for swimming and sign up today!!

  • To keep lots of space in the pool to swim , the 1 hour time slot is private for 1 family.There is a limit of 2 parents.
  • Parents must sign waiver that they are swimming at own risk.
  • Dress code:
    • Men: Board shorts or knee length bathing suit and rash guard or dark t-shirt.
    • Women: One piece bathing suit or board shorts and rash guard.
  • Parents must bring their own towels.
  • Unleashed will provide standard sizes of doggie life jackets for beginner swimmers.
  • Must be 18 or older
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Policies & Requirements

All dogs must be fully vaccinated for rabies, bordetella and DHLPP to use day camp, hotel and swimming services. Rabies vaccine is the only requirement for dogs using the grooming salon only.

All first time dogs must go through a temperament test/orientation day with us to participate in the general day camp play sessions. They must demonstrate submissiveness and calm, balanced energy. The temperament test/orientation is included in a half price day of day camp. The test is important to ensure your dog gets along with other campers and our staff. If it’s determined your dog cannot go in the play groups, your dog will still have a blast by adding on 1 on 1 playtime or a swim session with a staff member! This would be $20 additional per day if here for day camp or hotel.

We have limited space available for dogs over 100 lbs. Please call us to discuss availability dates! For dog and staff safety, dogs over 100 lbs. cannot participate in the general day camp play sessions, but are more than welcome to 1 on 1 playtime and swim sessions.

Dogs who are unneutered/unspayed cannot participate in the general day camp play sessions due to them approaching the age of reproduction, and potential behavior conflicts with other dogs. This is a standard policy in the pet care industry and we apologize for any inconvenience. They are more than welcome to come to the resort, but you must add on at least 1 private play or swim session if coming for day camp and at least 2 private sessions if staying overnight in the hotel. This is an additional $20 added to the day camp or hotel stay per day.. Your dog will have private use of the indoor or outdoor play area during these private sessions and will ensure your dog gets the proper amount of fresh air and exercise to give them a comfortable, fun stay!

All dogs must have an ID tag with their name on it at the resort as well as a quick release collar. If you do not have these items we sell them in our lobby at low cost. Every dog should have an ID tag in general, and the quick release collar is important for safety whether here, or any other outdoor park. Our personalized ID tags are $12.99 and collars are $9.99 plus tax.

Daycare package days cannot be applied towards boarding stays or any late check out fee that maybe incurred during a boarding stay.

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