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Let’s not forget about our feline friends as well! Cats using our hotel will have a separate, quite area far away from the dogs with natural sunlight and a large playroom full of toys, shelves and posts. Each kitty condo has a separate litter, and sleep area and has glass fronts for added comfort. We provide the blankets, bowls and litter (standard clumping) so all you really need to bring are food, treats and their favorite toy. If there are cats from multiple households staying with us, we rotate them in the play area during the day and overnight. We do not let cats from different households in the play area at the same time. Each cat can get one on one playtime with one of our staff in the play area for an additional $9 per 15 minute session. Feel free to log into ourkitty cams and check up on your kitty during their stay. All cats must be spayed or neutered for the comfort of the other guests. Cats require proof of rabies and feline distemper.

We have an overnight attendant on premises during the summer months and holidays. Please note the attendant is not permitted to open the reception to check in or check out dogs or cats during non-reception hours.

For health reasons we do not accept cats that were adopted from shelters within the past 2 months. They also must have been seen by a regular veterinarian after you adopted them from the shelter before coming to the resort. Please note we do not accept cats that are aggressive towards people.

For new customers wanting to use our cat hotel, please follow these simple steps for your first stay:

1. Register your cat from the link on our homepage.

2.  Submit a hotel reservation from the reservations tab.

3.  Bring in your cat and enjoy!

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